Welcome to the iTheatre Collaborative

Welcome! We are still located at the Herberger in the Performance OutReach Theater. This is found at the very heart of downtown Phoenix, AZ. Be sure to keep track of shows so you can come and enjoy what we have to offer!

Our shows and tickets available for those shows are constantly changing. If you need more information about currently active shows, or are interested in tickets please contact us by calling 602-347-1071. You can also email info@itheatrecollaborative.org for more information and we’ll respond at our earliest availability.

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About the Theatre
Theatre is among the earliest types of performance art. Throughout the ages we see women and men who happen to be telling narratives even when no language existed, by enacting them. Ancient Greek theatre inspires us and they remain staged in most languages of the planet. The primeval Hindu scriptures view the text of performing arts with great respect. And just like the Greek theatre, early Indian Sanskrit theater was also developed with many eager participants. Yet, together with the arrival of television and movie, theatre continues to be facing an uphill struggle to pull in the groups of eager viewers that it once did.

Ultimately, it’s the crowd who should feel the impulse to visit the theater. Especially your local community theaters.

Theatre is similar to a mirror where we are able to see ourselves, but we must muster up the guts to love it when we confront it. So, muster up those guts and come out to see our numerous shows here at iTheatre Collaborative here in Scottsdale, AZ!